ACH Alert

The power of ACH Alert provides fraud protection and customized notifications!

ACH Alert is a web-based service that facilitates the detection of Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud. ACH Alert will monitor your account and compare its activity to a list of ACH debits you have pre-authorized. If any unrecognized ACH debits arrive, ACH Alert will send you an email and/or text message, enabling you to detect and return any unauthorized or fraudulent transactions.

ACH Alert, the only service of its kind, offers business clients complete control over unauthorized ACH debits. Unlike traditional ACH filters, which are cumbersome to maintain and offer limited flexibility, ACH Alert offers the ability to set your own notification parameters, establish lists of trusted trading partners, and communicate pay/return decisions on unauthorized ACH items.

  • You may establish notification criteria on a per account basis, giving you the ability to flag for review based on transaction type, dollar amount, and originator ID.
  • Up to six different email contacts and SMS text contacts can be entered per enrolled account.
  • You may specify a default pay/return setting per account or make pay/return decisions on a per item basis.
  • You may automatically populate a list of trusted trading partners, allowing you the means to waive notification parameters for companies on the approved list, subject to frequency and dollar limits you establish. Approved companies may be set up on the fly as debits are presented.
  • Administrator may set up additional users and grant them privileges and access to specific accounts.