Cathy Neuharth 
Mortgage Loan Consultant 
Albuquerque Branch 
Office: 505-401-9012 
Cell: 505-263-3156 
Fax: 505-830-6415 
NMLS ID#: 470210 
I’ve been a mortgage banker since 1986 in Minnesota, Hawaii & New Mexico; plus I've worked in banking for 8 years (in the Chicago suburbs) prior to that.  I am experienced in all types of mortgage lending including Conventional, Non-Conforming, FHA and VA.  I think I’ve done just about any kind of mortgage loan there is to do, probably because I’ve been in this business for so long!  
I’m married and have 2 children with 2 grandsons and 2 step-children with 2 step-granddaughters, plus 3 turtles that live in our backyard.  I play golf and bowl, neither very well, but I enjoy both.  I’ve been a mortgage banker for over 26 years because I really enjoy the challenge of finding a way to help people finance a home.  Call or email me so I can tailor a mortgage loan that will fit your specific needs. 
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