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New Mexico Bank & Trust is proud to offer the Pink Ribbon Debit Card, a payment solution that supports our community in the battle against breast cancer. Through debit card usage, we are able to make a donation to our local partners at no cost to you. Our donation helps battle breast cancer right here in our local community. The Pink Ribbon Debit Card allows you to give back to the community with no change to your standard debit card utilization.

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Pink Ribbon Debit Card FAQs

Pink Ribbon Debit Card Check PresentationThe Legacy Continues
Twenty-two years ago, the “Drive for Life” fund was established under the leadership of Anita Salas, the manager of the New Mexico Department of Health’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program at that time. The not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) fund was established to assist low-income women in receiving diagnostic and treatment services for breast and cervical cancer. Anita Salas passed away in 1998 and the fund was renamed to honor her memory and dedication to public health in New Mexico.
Today, the organization successfully continues with a staff of only volunteers. They offer their time, talent and treasure because of the overwhelming needs of local women and men with limited resources needing breast cancer treatment, as well as women with cervical cancer.
This would not be possible without partners such as New Mexico Bank & Trust. With their funding over the last five years, they have helped overcome an extraordinary amount of these needs, directly helping New Mexicans access treatment, break down barriers to care, and problem solve obstacles to care.
The Anita Salas Memorial Fund’s primary focus is reaching the underserved and underinsured, and link them with needed breast cancer (and cervical cancer) treatment, and related items such as medications, lymphedema garments, lodging and childcare. Without this service, many of those in need would delay or skip treatment due to the inability to pay. This fund works directly with the care providing organizations, setting up accounts and paying for the treatments and related expenses.
New Mexico Bank & Trust has made it their mission to help in the fight against breast cancer. Every time a personal checking account customer uses their Pink Ribbon Debit Card to make a purchase, the bank makes a contribution—at no cost to the customer—to the Anita Salas Memorial Fund located in Albuquerque.