Employee Education for Business Owners

What would it mean for your employees to be retirement ready?

What effect would it have on their lives if they were confident in their retirement picture?

Our education services are governed by a commitment to teaching. Your employees will learn about the features of your plan via proven educational methods. We offer strategic education programs led by experienced professionals who stand ready to serve plan sponsors and participants.

The primary goal of our retirement plan education approach is to assist employees in understanding the role of the 401(k) in their retirement planning. To assist employees in the personal battle between short-term needs and long-term goals, we educate employees about the control they gain over their retirement through consistent savings. We place great emphasis on teaching about the steps necessary to determine an appropriate deferral rate, the process of investing for retirement, and setting a goal for planning with confidence.

Our Education Services Include:

  • Annual planning based on results from previous Education Initiatives
  • A commitment to ongoing education targeted to specific attributes of your plan
  • SmartPlan = Interactive participant education tool for retirement readiness
  • Fund-level investment advice for participants
  • Initial face-to-face enrollment or conversion meetings
  • Individual meetings focused on goals, objectives, and self-evaluation
  • Commitment to usage of data analytics to measure the effectiveness of education efforts
  • Clear and concise statements that include retirement income estimates
  • My Retirement Playbook = Commentaries delivered six times per year
  • Retirement Navigator = Plan Sponsor Newsletter delivered twice-a-year
  • Financial literacy education delivered virtually or onsite
  • Access to a dedicated retirement plan specialist for individual questions

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Products offered through Heartland Retirement Plan Services are not FDIC-insured, are not bank-guaranteed, and may lose value.