Service Excellence Award

Service Excellence Winner - March 2017
Michelle Gentile – Jefferson Banking Center

Michelle Gentile received the following anonymous nomination from a customer:

It is always a pleasure coming in and getting such a warm welcome and outstanding service. Michelle always remembers my name and my family. We currently only have our business account with NMBT but because of the wonderful, personal service we plan on moving our 6 personal accounts and other business accounts here.

Michelle truly made Great Things Happen! ™ at New Mexico Bank &Trust!!


Service Excellence Winner - March 2017
Fita Marquez - Rio Rancho Banking Center

Fita received the following nomination from a bank employee:

Our disabled customer called one evening saying that her husband had been in a motorcycle accident and needed a signature on an insurance document notarized. Since the customer is disabled and unable to drive and the husband was in the accident, neither of them was able to travel to the bank. So Fita drove to their house and notarized the documents for them. Fita goes above and beyond with her customers, and this was just one of the ways she has shown this over the years. Not to mention her help with other employees of the bank, such as all of the "outside of job description" duties that she does for other bank employees at the branch.

Fita truly made Great Things Happen! ™ at New Mexico Bank & Trust!!


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