Service Excellence Award

SE winner

Service Excellence Winner - July 2017
Lisa Beaulieu - Pile (Clovis) Banking Center

Lisa Beaulieu received the following nomination from a customer:

A customer called wanting to open a new account and link it to our other accounts. Lisa was available immediately and was so very kind and efficient. It was very important to move on this quickly as the customer’s son was traveling from out of town and there was a short time frame. Lisa was very helpful and accommodating.

Lisa truly makes Great Things Happen! ™ at New Mexico Bank &Trust!!


SE winner 

Service Excellence Winner - April 2017
Linda Bencomo - St. Michael’s (Santa Fe) Banking Center

Linda received the following nomination from a bank employee:

Linda assisted a bank commercial customer with reviewing and processing 14 Federal Home Loan Bank applications for their HELP program over the course of a few months. She coordinated with the FHLB Dallas as well as the customer to get each application approved and funded. Linda accomplished this all while still satisfactorily managing all of her “normal” job responsibilities. The customer is very appreciative of this service to their clients which, additionally, provides NMBT with substantial CRA benefits.

Linda truly made Great Things Happen! ™ at New Mexico Bank &Trust!!


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