What are you saving for? Whatever your goals and resources, we do our best to make saving as rewarding and convenient as possible. Savings not only provides an umbrella for a rainy day, but is also the key building block to accumulating wealth. The secret to success is to craft a savings plan that fits your unique needs. When your savings build, great things happen in your financial future! 
Savings Account 
Regular Statement Savings Account 
For a low minimum balance, our Regular Statement Savings account allows you to save for your everyday financial goals. Open your account with $100 and maintain a $100 balance to avoid a monthly maintenance fee. 
Christmas Club Account  
With a weekly deposit, you can prepare for the additional expense of Christmas throughout the year. A check will be mailed to you for the amount you saved. Open the account with a $5 deposit. Additional deposits can be made through an automatic transfer from your checking or another savings account at New Mexico Bank & Trust. 
Money Market Account  
Regular Money Market Account 
Enjoy the benefits of a savings account, plus the convenience of writing up to 6 checks per month. Maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 to avoid a monthly maintenance fee. 
Premium Money Market 
For a money market that offers more, deposit $25,000 into our Premium Money Market account and earn a premium rate while enjoying convenient access to your money. A hassle-free account with no minimum balance, no monthly maintenance fee, and check writing capability. 
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