There are many elements that contribute to a satisfying banking relationship including convenient locations, a full range of financial services with easy access such as Online Banking.But the most important element is a caring team of banking professionals who are committed to make great things happen for you and your financial future.   
Meet your Personal Banking team 

Cathy Watson 
Gold Ave. Branch, Albuquerque 
(505) 830-8156 
NMLS ID#: 539908 

Jose Marquez 
Jefferson St. Branch, Albuquerque 
(505) 830-8300 
NMLS ID#: 613224 

Michael Martin 
Louisiana Blvd. Branch, Albuquerque 
(505) 830-8328 
NMLS ID#: 539898 

Gi Ortiz 
Riverside Plaza Ln. Branch, Albuquerque 
(505) 830-8351 
NMLS ID#: 539903 

Sharon Salas 
4th Street Branch,Albuquerque 
(505) 830-8317 
NMLS ID#: 1036620 

Shirl Welch 
Eubank Branch, Albuquerque 
(505) 830-8208 
NMLS ID#: 539909 

Patricia May 
Pile Branch, Clovis 
(575) 935-3130 
NMLS ID#: 539899 

Lisa Beaulieu 
Pile Branch, Clovis 
(575) 935-3131 
NMLS ID#: 907309 

Charlotte Allen 
Main St. Branch, Los Lunas 
(505) 830-8191 
NMLS ID#: 539886 

Stephanie Montano 
Enchanted Hills Blvd. Branch,  
Rio Rancho 
(505) 830-8231 
NMLS ID#: 539900 

Fita Marquez 
Southern Blvd. Branch, 
Rio Rancho 
(505) 830-8377 
NMLS ID#: 539897 

Angela Heath 
Paseo De Peralta Branch,  
Santa Fe 
(505) 946-2546 
NMLS ID#: 1144267 

Carrie Taylor 
St. Michael's Dr. Branch, Santa Fe 
(505) 946-2507 
NMLS ID#: 539907 

Ric Varona 
St. Michael's Dr. Branch, Santa Fe 
(505) 946-2509 
NMLS ID#: 1018543  

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