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The Prognosis is Growth

July 5, 2022 Business insights

Our relationship with this Health Care Supply Company began 20 years ago when the company was founded by a Vietnam veteran inspired by the values he acquired during his time in the service. His goal was to provide excellence in the health care supply chain with a veteran patient-first approach.   We've been their financial partner since …

Nurse Staffing in 2022: Three Strategies to Thrive Despite Staffing Shortages

July 5, 2022 Business insights

With more than an estimated 200,000 jobs to fill (and more to come), nursing home and ALC staff have every opportunity at their disposal to find a new position.   Almost every operator you speak with will tell you recruitment and retention is one of their biggest challenges in today’s labor market, if not the biggest. That's why Skilled …

Long-Term Skilled Nursing Facilities, AI, and Technological Innovations

July 5, 2022 Business insights

Now more than ever, skilled nursing facilities face overwhelming operational challenges. It’s past time to consider AI and the latest digital trends into skilled nursing facilities to ease nurses’ burdens and provide better, safer care. The Covid-19 pandemic shook the senior care industry to its core, amplifying long-standing issues into new …