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WEBINAR: Fighting Fraud & Protecting Your Business

Fraudsters are adapting their tactics to take advantage of vulnerabilities created by the remote and hybrid working environment. Learn how to protect your business.

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Protecting your business from increasingly sophisticated fraud tactics is a challenge, especially in the continuing remote and hybrid working environment. As businesses have evolved their payment strategies and operational controls in this “new normal”, fraudsters are adapting to take advantage of vulnerabilities created in this changing landscape.

Our bank experts share shifting fraud trends in the payment environment, fraudsters’ evolving sophisticated tactics, common types of fraud that may impact your business as well as best practices and steps you can take to mitigate risk and protect processes and operations.


Tracy Swaim

Meet the Presenter:

Tracy Swaim, CFE, ACP

As Fraud Investigations Manager, Tracy and her team thoroughly investigate all instances of suspected and reported fraud impacting HTLF customers and member banks. This includes loss mitigation and recovery as well as education, training, reporting, and working with law enforcement.

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