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Protecting Your Business From Fraud

Our experts are here to share best practices in fraud prevention and cybersecurity to help you stay informed so you can protect your business. We are dedicated to helping you protect yourself and your business. We have partnered with Trusteer Rapport®, a leading expert in financial security. Trusteer Rapport’s online fraud protection software is customized to protect our customers. It’s important to remember that: 

  • We will never ask for personal or financial information in response to or via a link in an email.
  • We will never initiate a phone call asking for financial information, including your account or social security numbers or balances.
  • When you call us we may ask you for specific information in attempt to verify your identity before disclosing financial information.
  • If we have reason to doubt the authenticity of a caller, we are not required to provide financial information.

Fraud & Cybersecurity Insight Articles

Stressed business man reviewing possible scam on laptop
Article | 7 min

Business Email Compromise: How BEC Scams Can Threaten Your Business

Business email compromise scams—also known as BEC scams—can do untold damage to your company and reputation.
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The Fight Against Internal Fraud

Internal Fraud is the misuse of an organization’s resources or assets conducted by a malicious insider.
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Credential Stuffing and Online Banking Fraud

Credential stuffing is an attempt by malicious attackers to use credentials that were previously exposed from another account platform against an online banking environment.
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Ransomware: What you need to know to protect your business

What is Ransomware?
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Closeup of man holding laptop in server room

WEBINAR: Fighting Fraud & Protecting Your Business

Protecting your business from increasingly sophisticated fraud tactics is a challenge, especially in the continuing remote and hybrid working environment.
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Laptop with email notification

Primary Source of Fraud: Business Email Compromise

Primary Source of Fraud: Business Email Comprise Email communication plays a major role in how many businesses conduct their daily operations.
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Additional Fraud & Cybersecurity Resources