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An excellent rate is just the beginning of all you’ll enjoy when borrowing with New Mexico Bank & Trust. We'll work to understand your personal financial situation, ensure your understanding of available options and tradeoffs, and assist in selecting the best mortgage loan for you. It’s all part of our dedication to making Great Things Happen™ for you in terms of your home-owning dreams!
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Headshot of Cathy Neuharth Cathy Neuharth
Office: 505.401.9012
Cell: 505.263.3156
Fax: 505.830.6415

NMLS ID#: 470210

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Headshot of Yvette Klinkmann Yvette Klinkmann
Office: 505.366.9090
Cell: 505.280.0508

NMLS ID#: 471722

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Headshot of Sue Rose Sue Rose
Office: 505.830.6437

NMLS ID#: 214690

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Headshot of Sarah Whitlock Sarah Whitlock
Albuquerque Mortgage Office
Office: 505.830.6410
Cell: 505.239.1022
Fax: 505.830.6420

NMLS ID#: 640507

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Headshot of Mary Stoddard Mary Stoddard
Albuquerque Mortgage Office
Office: 505.830.6411
Cell: 801.440.2283
Fax: 505.830.6421

NMLS ID#: 143647

Headshot of Lisa Munoz Lisa Munoz
Los Alamos
Santa Fe

Office: 505.946.2530
Cell: 505.470.6888

NMLS ID#: 1101047

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Headshot of Kathleen Sharpe Kathleen Sharpe
Los Alamos
Santa Fe

Office: 505.946.2527

NMLS ID#: 470784

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Headshot of Nancy Armstrong Nancy Armstrong
Santa Fe
Office: 505.946.2578
Cell: 505.660.9643

NMLS ID#: 247518

Headshot of Lindsey Rollins Lindsay Rollins
Main Office: 575.935.4500
Direct Line: 575.935.4502
Fax: 575.935.4499

NMLS ID#: 470796