WEBINAR | Fighting Fraud: Strategies To Help Protect Your Business

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October 2, 2023 | | Business Insights

In an ever-changing landscape, fraud continues to be a growing threat for most businesses. With 65% of companies reporting fraud attacks1, it’s clear fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated causing devastation to their victim’s bottom line and operations. Now is the time to safeguard your business and it starts with staying informed.

Our experts share valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you fight fraud. The webinar covers:

  • Payment fraud trends
  • Common types of fraud
  • Fraudsters’ evolving tactics
  • Best practices and how to better protect your business

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Meet the Presenter:

Tracy Swaim, CFE, ACP

As Fraud Risk Manager, Tracy works with the financial crimes risk management team to mitigate the risk of loss due to fraudulent activity impacting our banks and our customers. This includes thorough investigation and recovery efforts as well as education, training and working with law enforcement.

1AFP Payments Fraud and Control Report